New Home Advantages

Ten Reasons to Choose New

Top 10 Reason to buy a new home

  • Safe. New Homes are safer. They are built to more stringent building code standards with up-to-date regulations covering smoke detectors and other safety features.

  • Efficient. They are more efficient, especially heating and cooling equipment, refrigerators, dishwashers, and laundry equipment, and less expensive to operate than the used things in old houses. The elements of a new home are new and less likely to break down, and, if they do, they are still under warranty.

  • Healthy. Not only are the new heating and cooling systems more efficient and less expensive to operate, they have also been designed to help us live in cleaner, healthier environments.

  • Current. They have up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms. If you buy used, these are the first rooms that will need to be modified or changed, and that adds a lot to a used home’s real price.

  • Responsive to lifestyle. New houses are designed for the way people really live. Life has changed and new-home design reflects these new lifestyles with high-tech wiring, computer niches, home theaters, hobby rooms and informal spaces.

  • Social. In established neighborhoods, the social circle has already formed, and it may be hard for a newcomer to enter. In new neighborhoods, everyone is new, and it is easier to form friendships.

  • New Things. It’s all new – rugs, flooring, counters, cabinets, lights, colors – and you get to pick the things you like.

  • Tech. New homes are or can be wired for technology; more than 40 percent of new homes come tech-wired as standard.

  • Light. Fenestration. New homes have more light, more and more energy-conscious windows and doors.

  • Psychology. It’s more fun to buy new. Who doesn’t feel a burst of happiness when buying something new?
    - NICKI JOY, Excerpted with permission from Builder magazine.